Brand and visual Identity



Based in Rotterdam, Kirazon provides personal coaching and specialist therapies aimed at reducing stress and mental anxiety in adults and children, as well as the physical effects of stress such as severe headaches and abdominal pain. Rather than a stand alone practice, you’ll find Kirazon located alongside similar disciplines such as physiotherapy, psychology and speech therapy. The new identity and interior had to harmonise with the other specialisms yet clearly differentiate Kirazon and provide an air of serenity and calm.



An identity that tangibly reflects the therapeutic nature of the courses. Taking gentle inspiration from the comforting nature of sunsets and sunrises, the distinctive branding, easy to navigate website and interior design utilise positive yet tranquil tones.



The potential complexities of the field have been simplified. Information is imparted clearly and the mildly optimistic colour palette sets an appropriate ambiance across the new look and feel. (One that appeals to both the head and the heart).